eTRaXC Features

In order to achieve our mission, eTRaXC employs the following features. Not seeing something you want? Contact us and we will try to add it.

Fitness Journeys

Personal fitness is a lifestyle. Breaking it down into more manageable units of time with different goals and targets for each journey helps keep things fresh and interesting.

Fit Factor

This is what sets us apart. An algorithm that quantifies your change in fitness, for better of for worse. If it is not going well, the single number will communicate that to you. Inf such cases, simply start tweaking your settings.


eTRaXC processes your steps as follows: the first 5000 steps are considered a "normal" day. For every 2000 steps over that, you are awarded 1 activity point. All you do is enter your steps. eTRaXC does the math.

Activity & Nutrition

These things go hand-in-hand and you can customize them both with eTRaXC.


There is nothing like a visual display to help us really see how things are going. Whether the news is good or bad, a visual reference to measure with is incredibly helpful. You will find that here.

Weekly Tallies

Take a look at all of your fitness data in one place...on a weekly basis. Effort, Nutrition, Weight, Steps, Sleep, and Pulse...all right here...with weekly, monthly, and yearly totals.

Image Timeline

Track your fitness changes visually by posting pix of yourself at regular intervals. Watch your fitness level morph to a healthier you.

Vision & Goals

You decide where you want to go and set your own goals. eTRaXC will help you get there by tracking your progress and sending you progress updates...whether the news is good or bad.

Stats & Standings

See what the numbers say about how we are doing individually and when compared to others. Daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, and standings...our bean counters LOVE creating useful stats. This will be an ongoing process of development.

Gold Star Days

We want to reward your exemplary efforts. Every day you achieve your fitness goal (activity + steps + nutrition) is considered a Gold Star Day.