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A free coach-directed team manager / off-season training log / fitness manager for cross-country, track & field, Nordic ski and fitness clubs

Why Use eTRaXC?

In the electronic age we live in there are certainly many options for trying to encourage team members to do, and log, their training. Using Google Docs, having them submit upload them into dropbox, simply emailing them to the coach periodically, etc. So why sign up for eTRaXC?

Stats, stats, and more stats...

Just accumulating the data is typically not enough. Most runners are "numbers freaks" and like to quantify their training in comparison to last week, last month, last season, etc. Our statistical capabilities regarding training data are legion, and we are willing to add more on request.


Training Badges, training graphs, the Self-Talk utility, and so many other features serve to encourage kids through a summer of training and beyond to get out the door, and to record what they have done quickly and easily when they get back.

It's Mobile

When they use My eTRaXC " they can store an icon on their phone's desktop (intructions are found on the My eTRaXC "Quick View" page) and log their training easier than before. This data is accessible to you, the coach, via your eTRaXC login.


Send an email or a text message to your entire time, just a few, or just one from within eTRaXC. Ya' can't do that with Dropbox. :)

Team Building

Team members can easily connect via the communication utilities in eTRaXC, can see who is doing what from a training standpoint (if you enable that), comment on each other's training, and stay "connected" throughout the summer training period.

Promotes Training Accountability

It is easy to "think" you are training more than you actually are if you don't "write it down", over a single summer or season, and from year-to-year. eTRaXC puts down what you have done "forever", encouraging training accountability as a key component to success.

Tell Us What You Need

We pride ourselves on adding features as requested by users whenever feasible. Just tell us what you need and we will do our best to put it in place for you.

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What is eTRaXC

eTRaXC is a team-based, coach-directed fitness team manager. It is a cross-country team manager that can be used for track and field, Nordic skiiing, and fitness clubs, including a cross-country training log, communication utilities, runner social networking and other functionality. eTRaXC includes a companion site, My-eTRaXC, designed specifically as a personal trainer for individuals.