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eTRaXC Team Manager

A free coach-directed team manager / off-season training log / fitness manager for cross-country, track & field, Nordic ski and fitness clubs

eTRaXC Features

Training Features
  • Participants log their training (running or cross-training) from anywhere they have internet access.
  • Participants can store training routes and individual workouts so they don't have to type them in every time
  • Participants can track their shoe mileage
  • Calendar-based log display
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly training graphs
  • A team summary table which shows cumulative training as well as the current week's totals
  • A "recent training" utility to view team members training by setting the beginning and ending dates over the period they want to view
  • A comprehensive Statistics Summary detailing all facets of training "by the numbers"
Coaches' Features
  • A "Preferences" Utility to control which of the features of the system coaches want available to their teams
  • Daily email notification of which team members turned in training the previous day
  • The ability to send log-in information to team members at any time
  • The ability to manage your teams in-season and out
    • Out-of-season Team Management
      • Schedule workouts for 3 levels of teams as well as for individuals themselves
      • Monitor and direct the progress of your team members' off-season training as you see fit
    • In-season Team Management
      • Enter event schedules
      • Assign participants to races, print meet sheets, and enter results
      • Track school records and personal records
      • Rank participants by distance/time as well as show graphs of their seasonal progression
      • Tracks attendance and forms and fees as well as manages equipment
Other Features
  • A Goals Utility for setting team and individual goals
  • The ability to have login information sent via email in case it is forgotten
  • A Fitness Monitor for keeping track of body weight and resting pulse (displayed as graphs)
  • Participants can enter race results and decide if they want those results to be "public" or not
  • Track prs at 20 distances and breaks them down into indoor track, outdoor track, cross-country, and road events
  • Group Email Utility
  • Team-level, Public, and Coaches-only Forums for team communication
  • Email Notification to all team members when someone on the team adds a forum thread or reply
  • The ability to Print Reports
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What is eTRaXC

eTRaXC is a team-based, coach-directed fitness team manager. It is a cross-country team manager that can be used for track and field, Nordic skiiing, and fitness clubs, including a cross-country training log, communication utilities, runner social networking and other functionality. eTRaXC includes a companion site, My-eTRaXC, designed specifically as a personal trainer for individuals.