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A free coach-directed team manager / off-season training log / fitness manager for cross-country, track & field, Nordic ski and fitness clubs

eTRaXC Enhancements and Improvements

At eTRaXC we are constantly trying to improve the services we offer to the teams we serve. Here is a quick update to some things that we have done, have yet to do, and that need "fixing".

Recent Enhancements

Text Messaging: Communicate with team members/coaches via SMS messaging.

Mobile-Friendly Version (My eTRaXC Participant Version Only): Created, and continuing to asmall functionality to, a version that renders well on mobile devices like a blackberry, iPhone, etc.

Workout Scheduling Utility: More user-friendly...opportunity to upload workout documents/forms, etc.

Roster/Team Contacts Batch Upload: Upload entire roster ore new team members.

Training Incentives: Training Incentives create motivational programs...things like "Running Across The Country", "24 Hour Run", "500 Mile Club", etc. Self-compiling.

Team Customization: Set color scheme, upload a crest, mascot, or other image.

"Spotlight On...": Recognize the achievements of individuals or the team on your team's welcome page.

Resource Sharing: Allow coaches to share resources (workout sheets, articles, links, etc) with each other.

Data Resources: Create custom, data-driven forms for your team. Saves spreadsheet manipulation on your part.

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What is eTRaXC

eTRaXC is a team-based, coach-directed fitness team manager. It is a cross-country team manager that can be used for track and field, Nordic skiiing, and fitness clubs, including a cross-country training log, communication utilities, runner social networking and other functionality. eTRaXC includes a companion site, My-eTRaXC, designed specifically as a personal trainer for individuals.